Carol Breen

Carol studied Visual Communication at the Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland. On completion, she was employed as a 2D Motion Designer, and gained experience in both freelance and studio contexts. During  her time at Farm Media Group, Dublin, she worked in television and advertising, designing content for Ireland’s major television channels and collaborating on large-scale multimedia projects. She has worked in the commercial and social sectors, commercially for companies such as Jameson, Imagebank, RTE, Network 2 and BBC America, and in a social context on interactive design projects such as ‘The Big Picture’, for Dublin South County Council, and ‘Medieval Dublin’, for the Cultural Heritage Office.

In 2010, she went on to study for an MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, London. Her MA question asked: “How can communication design make dance film more accessible to the general public?” For this project, she created dance films as research tools and her final piece culminated in a series of films, a book, and an interactive DVD-ROM. Her work has since been presented at the Buehnenwerkstatt experimental film festival in Austria, Lightmoves Dancefilm Festival, Ireland, and the Faultlines Design Conference, Ireland. She has been nominated for a UAL Arts and Business Award and was one of a team of designers that won the design competition ‘Walk Ride Camden’, set by the Design Against Crime Research Centre at the University of the Arts London. She was also involved in a collaborative design project with the Icelandic design duo Mupimup called ‘Fish Factory’, partially funded by the East Council of Iceland. One of a team of creatives, she travelled to Iceland to participate. Most recentely her paper “Archival footage, film or screendance?” has been accepted at the International Image Conference, Liverpool, where she will present in September 2016.