Glen Robinson

I have been a Senior Lecturer on the BA (hons) graphic design course here at the Lincoln School of Art since 2007. Before I became a tutor my professional career centred upon brand marketing and internet communications; designing print based materials, corporate identity, websites, information architecture and interactive environments.

Alongside teaching I run a mischievously led multi-disciplinary studio and collaboration called GRRR. We work together creating vivid artwork that stumbles through a psychotropic landscape, littered with references to comedy, death, ceefax and threaded together with quotations from a biopic record of existence.

To view our website visit:

Light up the Darkness

We use a variety of mediums in our work including, drawing, writing, typography, lomography, street art, happenings, artists book publications and parazines. We undertake commissions for publishers and exhibit our work around the world.

Rainbow Promenade

Originally I come from Lowestoft in Suffolk and my work is often centred around beach culture; I have an obsession with the visual language of amusement arcades, ice cream vans and beach huts…

Bathing Beauties Beach hut festival

Beach Culture

I also have a fascination with Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) a holiday celebrated in Mexico and spend a great deal of time drawing, making and painting highly decorative and ornate Calavera Catrina (Elegant Skulls).

Día de los Muertos

Skull Journal

Cardboard Skulls

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