Dr Isil Onol

Originally coming from a Graphic Information Design background, I have been working in the creative industries since 1998. In 2003 I returned to academia upon receiving a Master’s scholarship to specialise in an area of Interaction Design. On my final months of completing this course that involved designing with Smart Materials, I became very interested in the notion of how art galleries and museums could make use of new technologies in order to provide accessible exhibitions. This led me to develop a creative PhD project through exhibition curation, and I researched applicable emerging technologies within gallery and museum settings, with full funding from HEFCE.

In the past I taught design theory and practice to BA Multimedia and BSc Virtual Reality students at the University of Huddersfield. Throughout the recent years, I have had opportunities to deliver seminars to postgraduate students of different design subjects; and to present my research outcomes at relevant national and international conferences.

My industry work prior to my academic teaching and research included freelance assignments (print & online); and a full time employment with BBC for three years as an Interactive Designer.  I produced work for brands such as Canon, Honda, through agencies, as well as undertaking individual projects for small art organizations and creating public events within the UK.

My research areas are:

• Creative Haptics
• Socially-engaged art & design practice
• Museum experience
• Touch
• Tactile interaction with visual information


Haptic Bust of Sophocles, Tactual Explorations Exhibition
Materials: Data on computer & Phantom Omni haptic device | Also used: Faro laser scanner and 3D Studio Max.



Artwork entitled ‘Mutasyon’Printed in Digital Arts magazine, December 2008 issue, p.28 2008



Artwork entitled ‘Sophocles Now & Then’
Exhibited at Tactual Explorations Exhibition 2006
Materials: Digital print on canvas | Also used: Faro laser scanner and 3D Studio Max Dimensions: 120 cm x 90 cm (each)