Chris Taylor – Creative Roses Winner

Following the release of our first ever Twitter weekend brief, our quick witted, rapid acting and sharp eyed tweet followers sent in all kinds of things for an opportunity to be featured on the site.

Sell Ice To The Eskimos

For this excellent piece and sheer magnitude of effort (imagine all those hours of keyframing and sound checking!!!) we’re pleased to feature none other than Chris Taylor with his animation for the 2011 MPA Creative Roses Awards.

And there’s a spot of fantastic news too – Chris won best in his category at the MPA Creative Roses Awards this year for his work. Well done that man!


Chris said: ‘I created an animation, in which I chose to sell ice as real estate rather than as a product, creating a fictional company of corporate bastards who were charging the Inuits for the very material they depended upon’.


More info about Chris’s project can be found on his portfolio site

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