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Graphic design is often criticised nowadays for being too digital. In the early days everything was done by hand, then progressing onto printing presses and machinery and finally onto the digital age of today.

LetterMpress, created by John Bonadies, is an ipad app which allows the experience of ‘old school’ printing without the mess(and bill for all of the equipment!). I for one am a big fan of silk screen printing, linocutting and wooden type so when I saw this I just thought ‘Oooooooh!’:

Of course, it’s not going to give you the same effect as if it was done with the real equipment and it’s only for a bit of fun. For people like me who don’t have a press readily available to use, this is the next best thing… well, if I had an Ipad haha I’m still really excited about this app though!

Originally creator Bonadies was aiming for $15,000 of donations from backers to get the project off the ground but the total raised was infact nearly triple: $39,495!

I know a few of my classmates at Lincoln would LOVE this app because there were a group of us getting excited at the prospect of doing some ‘proper printing’ in second year so hopefully someone will buy an ipad and buy the app and let me use it before that time comes in September…

You can ‘Like’ LetterMpress’ page on facebook to keep up with developments – I have!

If you need to feed your lust ;) for printing right now, watch this brilliant instructional video by Naomie Ross:



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