Review: Live The Language Adverts

So let me show you something a bit different for a change? One of the great things about Graphic Design is that there aren’t really any limits on how we communicate. If you’re a Fine Artist, you tend to be restricted and get put in that one box, but being a Graphic Designer there are so many options: print, web, installation, handmade, screen based, photography, typography, illustration. You name it, we try our hands at it to communicate our point.

Here is a series of short films/adverts produced for EF International Language Centers which are beautifully shot, have a great atmosphere and lovely typography too. Themed around travelling and learning about other cultures, they visually and typographically communicate 8 different cities from around the globe.

I really like that the images are moving, but the typography is static. I think that typographer, Albin Holmqvist, has done a great job injecting some character, fun and style into these films – not sure they would be as effective without the type? What do you think?

Not sure about that same old British stereotype that everyone drinks Tea in England, especially with sugar and a biscuit but not milk!? It does look nice though, so I think we can laugh along with that assumption(with our coffees in hand)?

I really like the little explanation of how to sound the words out underneath in brackets, supporting the reason for the videos – to educate people in languages! They are some of the main phrases you might need in that country.

This last one about Beijing is quite hard to judge typographically because of course, the language is all symbols.

Great job by collaborative team Gustav JohanssonNiklas JohanssonAlbin Holmqvist and Camp David. Just goes to show that with the right people working together, magic happens! Which is your favourite?


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