Update: YCN awards success

Updated to add in some celebratory photographs. Well done to you all…


We’re very pleased that five of our students have won at the YCN awards awards this year – their work having been recognised as some of the most outstanding out of all submissions to this national and international competition.

From the YCN website: ‘Our YCN Student Awards annually shine a light on emerging creative excellence; and run closely alongside the many Universities, Colleges and Art & Design schools across the UK, and overseas too. The awards are based around a collection of live creative briefs; written each year by partnering brands, charities and other organisations.’

A brief roundup of winners, click through to their sites for more project details…

Ric Gravina

Ric is feeling for the ceiling in high jinx

‘Direct Line don’t appear on price comparison websites. This means the services they provide are more hassle free and don’t’ require endless filling in of forms. I have tried to replicate this in the campaign. Using the tire tracks made by the mouse and phone to cross out wording that is not needed. This idea is also reflected in an iPhone app, which with a photo and 4 simple question boxes, can give you approximate quotes instantly.’


Matt Crowe

‘A series of invitations created to promote Fedrigoni Freelife paper, mimicking main competitors from the paper industry. The campaign uses hidden gags throughout, refusing to reveal the name ‘Fedrigoni’ until the audience explore the invitations further. The campaign subtly uses competitors names; GF Smith, Robert Horne, Howard Smith and Chris Fenner creating an in-joke in order to promote Fedrigoni paper. Delivering the strong message, “even though we’re a paper company ourselves, we still use Fedrigoni Papers.”‘


Claire Kearns

Book and box for Fedrigoni papers… ‘The book is designed to be admired, read and examined, it features essays, photographs, illustrations, quotes. It can be quite amusing but at the same time really down to earth and sombre. These changes help to show that Fedrigoni papers are there for you no matter when you may need them- life and paper are not always about smiles and happiness.’


Hannah Rhodes

‘Live Unleashed was the brief for this project set by Tuborg. I have designed a new packaging concept for Tuborg in answer to the brief, which relates very closely to the “live unleashed” theme, focusing on the idea of setting free your wild side. The packaging is fun and quirky to fit in with the age range of 18-24. The idea is that when you take the bottles of Tuborg out of the box, you are setting free the wild animal inside, which relates to the person drinking the Tuborg. You are letting your wild side free!’


Tarran Uppal

Taz accepting his award in bad boy style

‘What’s your Glayva is a brief set by YCN in partnership with Whyte & Mackay to create a compelling campaign that resonates, builds awareness and encourages trial of Glayva amongst a new younger audience.’


Congratulations go to Ric, Hannah, Taz, Claire and Matt – we look forward to getting our hands on a copy of the YCN annual to see your work in print alongside the other winners from around the world.

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