The art of book binding

As the second years get stuck into competition briefs for istd and D&AD, formats and finishes are a very important consideration – attention to detail is what sets you apart from the rest after all! Luckily for us, Philippa offered to hold some book binding workshops and share her skills.

After showing us examples of her own flutter/maze books, japanese stab binding, perfect binding and coptic binding(which is the most challenging), we began our book binding careers with something simple; a small pamphlet stitch book.

An hour of folding, piercing, sewing and gluing later…

… a proud bunch!

Making your own books is a great skill to have for both professional and personal projects (they make great presents too). By producing it from scratch you can control all of the elements; decide on the size, shape, style, materials and binding method. Sometimes it’s just nice to step away from the screen and get your hands glue-y – who said books are boring?

Thanks to Philippa for teaching all involved. If anyone is interested in learning more about book binding there are some good videos available on youtube or ask a second year to demonstrate what they’ve learnt.



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