Package: prototypes, people and play

It’s all gone a bit hush recently – or so it seems – but that’s because we’re all very busy hunkering down on the big competition briefs. Top secret stuff.

But design process work is happening thick and fast… this week level 3 have been creating package prototypes – as an investigation into the possibilities for communication through object and place.

What they found was that prototyping is a great form of primary research, where only the experience of form and spatial play could have triggered some of the ideas that then came up.


This shows some of the contents of our brains…


At the same time, and for something completely different, visiting lecturer and professional copywriter David Sandhu has been working with us on this project, running several writing exercises to get us thinking about audience and tone of voice…


All in all it’s been an action packed and exciting few weeks on this project.



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