Research: graphing for multiple data

My current research is into design methods for data visualisation, in particular data-led story telling. Over the past few months I’ve been developing my research ideas as part of my PhD study – this involves surveying current practice and also doing research through practice.

At the moment I’m gathering data sets and developing a series of interactive visualisations. I’m focusing mainly on design methods and at the same time building my understanding of specialist software. However I’m also developing a topical case study for my visualisation work and this is centred on the RAF Bomber Command air campaign against Germany in World War 2. It’s something I’ve been keenly interested in for a very long time. Given the material effort and number of fatalities/casualties involved it is a particularly data rich topic, and since I’m living in Lincoln where most of this action took place it seems all the more fitting. More than 70,000 aircrew were killed or taken prisoner in this campaign, with a total number of people that were killed in air raids that will never be known.

You can see much more of this work on my research blog

Two posters currently on display in the main window of Thomas Parker House, University buildings at Lincoln:

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