More student successes: the ISTD awards


Congratulations to Ryan Fisher, Matt Taylor and Ian York (level 3) and Amber Hadley, Jack Slater and Sam Weston (level 2) who have achieved membership to the prestigious ISTD. Students were able to choose from a range of typographic projects that enabled them to generate work with varied outcomes both print and screen-based.

Jack Slater: The Waitress by Jack Zipes is an absolutely brilliant story, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interpret it typographically for the ISTD awards! I’m very pleased with the outcome and feel so privileged to have gained a merit. My thanks also go out to the staff, who were a great help throughout the whole process. Here’s to next year!

Amber Hadley: The Waitress by Jack Zipes is a fairytale left open for interpretation with just the inspiration of two arbitrary nouns ‘chair’ and ‘waitress’.  I adapted it by creating a fashion magazine. I found the project to be very stressful however it was worth it in the end.


Sam Weston: Due to the subject matter and personal aspect of the piece, I wanted the piece to be as precise as the day unfolded. By talking to my parents and asking relatives about the day I could piece together the timeline. Alongside this, I wanted to honour and celebrate the fallen soldiers who sadly died an hour after my birth, who were fighting in the Persian Gulf War. These two timelines show the difference between life and death.





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