Farewell: Tim Fabian

Following more than 2 decades at the University it’s with sadness that we announce that Tim will be leaving us soon, to follow new directions. Tim is a very experienced design educator who has contributed so much to our course. As previous course leader he was an organiser extraordinaire, and is an extremely supportive and nurturing tutor who’s helped many a student to settle in and orientate to University education.

On behalf of the teaching team and the students, we say a huge thanks to Tim and wish him all the very best in his future plans. We know he’ll never be able to put his pencil down, and look forward to seeing what he designs next.



2 thoughts on “Farewell: Tim Fabian

  1. I studied a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at DMU Lincoln from 1998-2001 and had the privilege to be taught by Tim.
    I thought he was a fantastic lecturer and realy enjoyed his classes. He was fun, friendly, approachable and most of all…extremely knowledgable !!
    To this day, I have great memories from my time in Lincoln and Tim is certainly a face I would recognise immediately if I bumped into him in the street (minus the goatie maybe).
    I wish Tim all the very best in his future career path and Im sure he will be sorely missed by the University of Lincoln and leave a large pair of boots to fill in the Graphic Design team. A great man !!
    Regards, Dean

  2. Many thanks to Chris for the kind words above. Colleagues and students, both past and present, have been saying very kind things over the past few days as the news of my departure has become more widely known, so thank you to you all. It has been a pleasure and great a privilege to work with so many talented students and a team of fantastic colleagues over the years. One of the most rewarding things about working with students and fellow teachers is that you are constantly learning and discovering – I hope to continue doing so with pencil in hand and sketch book at the ready. I offer my thanks and very best wishes for the future to all the students, alumni and my colleagues.

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