Network Rail GNGE brand identity: Leanne Kitchen

Leanne Kitchen, level 3 student on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at the University of Lincoln, has designed a new brand identity for the Network Rail Great Northern Great Eastern Alliance.

Leanne’s identity design

Leanne’s design was unveiled during a reception event at the GNGE Alliance head offices in Peterborough last week. Also in attendance were students Ryan Vardy and Simon Kenney who were keen runners up in the pitch for this project.

Leanne, Simon and Ryan with GNGE Project Director Ian Quick

All were rewarded and thanked very much for their work by GNGE Project Director Ian Quick and senior members of the GNGE team. Ian said ‘The ideas submitted by the Lincoln students and Leanne in particular were excellent, with many of an incredibly professional standard. We are very grateful to all involved in helping us to find an identity which all of the alliance partners can now get behind.’

Leanne with Senior GNGE team members in front of her identity design

The GNGE project represents a £280 million investment in upgrades to railway infrastructure. The double track GNGE (Great Northern/Great Eastern) Joint Line forms part of Network Rail’s LNE route, running for 86 miles from Werrington Junction (just north of Peterborough), through Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough, reconnecting with the East Coast Main Line at Doncaster.


Sample identity applications from Leanne’s pitch

Working with external companies on live design projects is a very important part of the educational experience for design students and helps them build the confidence they need to develop their career. Students on the Graphic Design course at Lincoln are encouraged to get involved in live work because it exposes them to real world design challenges where they see that their work can make an impact.

Leanne said ‘My idea for the GNGE identity came as I decided which values I thought meant the most to the project, I found these to be; partnership, alliance and character. The identity also had to be recogniseable as a railway project, and therefore I thought that safety should also be represented in the identity through the use of colour. All of these values came together as one marque which features unique type which suggests speed and momentum and an icon which embodies the primary value of alliance.’ Runners up Simon and Ryan said that they had benefited from learning more about how brand identity matters to a company, and that they felt more confident having taken part in the project.

Leanne stands in the Network Rail GNGE Alliance headquarters, amongst the different teams that form the alliance

Chris Twigg, project tutor and Programme Leader of the Graphic Design course, said ‘I’m extremely impressed by the level of professionalism that Leanne, Simon and Ryan have shown in this project. Leanne’s work in particular has really addressed the design challenge that was set by GNGE – she put everything that she’s learned into practice in her work. Leanne designed a brand identity that really reflects the concept and values behind the GNGE Alliance.’

The new Network Rail GNGE Alliance identity will now be rolled out to promote the project.

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