Success at the Roses 2013

In February, the 3rd years worked hard on the Pen Pals brief set by the Roses Student Awards. Some great work was produced, and so we had our fingers crossed for success at the awards ceremony on Thursday 14th March. Three students (DaveEmma and myself) attended the awards ceremony to represent Lincoln and was very pleased to find two of the four shortlisted entries belonged to Lincoln!

A collaboration by Tom Matthews and Sunjay Morar (top left) as well as Dave Morris‘ entry (right) were displayed and we eagerly awaited the result. Brilliant news – Dave won! He stepped up on stage to receive his award from Karl Sanderson of Vivid, who had set the brief.

It was an exciting and brilliant night. Congratulations to all 3 students on their success and good luck to Dave for his internship at Vivid – part of the prize. Another victory for Lincoln!


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