School of Pharmacy brand identity: Ryan Vardy

Level three BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Ryan Vardy has designed a brand identity for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Lincoln.


Dr. Graham Lappin at the School of Pharmacy said ‘Being such a new venture, the school wanted an emblem to convey its unique identity, reflect its location in Lincoln and single it out from other Schools of Pharmacy throughout the UK. The winning design by Ryan Vardy was based on the profile of Lincoln Cathedral combined in a test-tube shape. The innovative combination of iconic Lincoln architecture with an ubiquitous crest of scientific endeavor provided the School with an emblem that we are confident will be sustained for many year to come.’



Ryan Vardy said: ‘From the outset the school made it very clear that the outcome must not fall into the well-recognised symbols of medicine such as the pestle and mortar. The marque communicates breakthrough in medical science taking place within Lincoln. It was important to me that the logo communicated well both to members of the school and the public.’



Chris Twigg, Senior Lecturer on the Graphic Design course said ‘Ryan’s judgment of his brand identity concept and the way he has executed it shows a great level of professionalism. In creating this work he represented his course well – combining his knowledge of brand values and positioning with a creative flair, which resulted in this iconic but contemporary design for the School of Pharmacy.’



Lincoln School of Pharmacy

Ryan Vardy

BA (Hons) Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln

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