Get Curious…now Get Lost!

For their first teaching block our first year students have been working on two complimentary briefs. ‘Get Curious’, and ‘Get Lost’

‘Get Curious’ sets them a research task, and then challenges them to show off their skills and creativity. Start points are defined but the task has no specific outcome. Where do they go with it and what do they produce? Well, that’s up to them. We want to see where they can take a start point and what ideas they have, this tells us lots about their creativity, and their previous learning.

‘Get Lost’ builds on the studio crits and discussions about the outcomes from ‘Get Curious’, but this time the outcome is defined. In this brief we are looking to explore issues that have been revealed by ‘Get Curious’. We look at how research links to, and is used to inform their ideas, visual exploration and final outcomes. The challenge? Create a dazzle camouflage suit (using references from campus architecture) then… wear it, photograph it, and get lost!

GetLost Blog4  GetLost Blog2 GetLost Blog1

Here Cyril, Emily, Ellie and Josh are working on visual development derived from their research photographs.

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