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A lifetime ago in 2012, Barrie and Philippa were asked by Andrew Haslam and Rose Gridneff if they would like to collaborate on a letterpress-based project called 6×6.

The project brought together six people (three staff and three students) from six different institutions (University of Brighton, Camberwell College of Arts, London College of Communication, Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, Glasgow School of Art, and us – Lincoln). Each person was asked to produce work that responded to a 1200 foot radius from their print room. The added problem was that we had to produce 200 copies of each piece (not easy with only a Farley Proofing Press). The copies would form part of an exhibition and a limited edition book.

The work was shown at the Her House Gallery, London in November 2012; and last week we were very happy to finally receive our 6 copies of the finished book! Leanne Kitchen, who was a second year student at the time she worked on the project, and is now employed at True North, Manchester sums it up:

‘I absolutely love it. It’s been put together so well and just looks amazing. So proud to be a part of it all. Our section really stands out – and in a good way, as it says “we’re not like the others” and we’re most definitely not!
I can’t believe how long ago it was when we were ripping pieces of paper to lift the type to get it all to the same height! Loved every second…’

Also involved were Ash Watkins (now working at Jack Renwick Studio, London) Ryan Fisher and MA Design Programme Leader John Stocker.

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