Where are you?

The second year started their Visual Expression project block off with a project called ‘Where are you? I am here!’

Originally set as a competition when Barrie taught at The Glasgow School of Art, it has remained a favourite brief and has made a number of appearances in the Lincoln curriculum ever since.
It asks students to ‘map’ an aspect of their life, which others may not be aware of, or may find difficult to understand.
Marina Chalkia Papageorgiou chose to look at her eating habits, and how different they have become since moving here from Greece (She eats a lot more carrot cake than she used to).
 Beth Gray
A number of students explored their previous lives; for example, as ballerinas or racing motorcyclists (both Amy and Rob were forced to quit due to injuries), Beth Gray’s previous life was as an ice skater. She was forced to move on when the council closed the rink.
Stuart Jacobs-Cook
Stuart Jacobs-Cook piece was a little more existential — and focussed on wondering if one could ever know whether the choices we make are the right or wrong ones in life.

Jo Sellick, chose to look at her moods — through the medium of dance of course.

Jenny Sammut

Jenny Sammut’s work examined her daughter’s first words, and the frustrations and rewards of piecing together spoken language…
The project had a wonderful variety of investigations into subject matter and a similarly diverse number of outcomes, from print, to screen, to objects.

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