60 Second Animations

Our First Year students have been working on their narrative writing and animation skills. This is a creative challenge designed to emphasise the need for underpinning primary research, encourage imaginative writing, and introduce moving image and editing skills.

The task? Visit a local museum or art gallery, choose a utilitarian object, (some kind of tool), research the object and the culture it came from. Then…write an imaginative story about your object, (based on what you have learnt through your research), bring your narrative alive in the form of a 30 – 60 second animation.

The catch? Use only pictograms in your animation, (colour was permissible).

This task is a great way of developing primary research skills (This answer isn’t on Google), and encouraging imaginative creative writing, (why would our students need to learn this? Well narratives obviously link to copywriting and advertising, and film, but also to graphic installation and displays, and to interactive web based work).

It reflects our course manifesto, and our philosophy that first year should be all about encouraging creativity, taking risks, introducing our students to the potential of graphic design in all kinds media, and creative discovery.

Here are some examples (enjoy).


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