The second year of the Graphic Design course is where the students begin to cut their teeth on competitions. D&AD, YCN, ISTD… and the first one we brief them with every year is The Creative Roses Awards.

Always a delight, the Roses are interesting, engaging – and on occasion – just slightly mad.

Favourites this year were ‘STATE OF MIND’, where the students had to change the public’s perception  of queuing, waiting and delaying. Aaron Martin came up with a series of interactive posters, and Josh Green a social app called ‘Shout’, which allows you to interact with those around you in a virtual space. As soon as you move out of the location you’re stuck in, the app closes.


Melissa Casey tackled one of the ‘3 BIG KILLERS’ (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), her educational posters and mosquito net pack responding to the point made in the brief, that with the right education, the spread of these killers can be greatly reduced.


Kate Cromwell’s chosen brief was a particular favourite, dealing as it does with the love of language: HELP SPREAD THE WORD. The project asked you to create a ‘non-word’ and return it to its rightful place in the Oxford English Dictionary.





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