Tokyo Ocean: Avant-garde

Just a sneak peak of what’s happening in visual expression. The second years have been tasked with creating a 1 minute promo for a series of avant-garde films at Tokyo Ocean. Tokyo Ocean is a cultural venue/cafe in the heart of Hoxton. Tokyo Ocean doesn’t actually exist but that makes this project all the better! Second years have been looking at avant-garde filmaking from the 1920’s up to now. They must use all their own imagery and so their approach has been really diverse. Students have looked at everything from the Absolute Filmakers to classic avant-garde films like ‘Un chien andalou’ to John Whitney and early avant-garde animation. One student has been looking at contemporary avant-garde music and experimental methods of messing with film to accompany it. Experimenting with feedback loops and messing with the video signal. The final crit is happening this Monday and Tuesday and we are so excited to see the finished results. Here are three samples, all very different techniques and methods used to create them all.

First up is Lawrence Stewart, Lawrence has been researching into a lot of avant-garde experimental music like and looking at people like James Whitney and the glitch aesthetic by playing around with video feedback loops. One effect was created using a VGA to RCA device and messing around with the outputs. Lawrence

Next up is Christina Coates who chose a completely different approach. Christina has made all her frames from screen prints. She has been looking at a lot of different avant-garde film makers and investigating the experimental methods they use to make their films. Looking at experimental underground filmakers like Ferroux, Aaron Axelrod and Death a Gogo.Chirstina CoatesChirstina Coates 2

Last but not least is Louise Dean who has been looking at cubism, surrealism and their influences on avant-garde filmaking. She has been experimenting with projection and challenging the viewers perspective of the imagery. She has been looking at filmakers like Christine Hooper and artists such as Georges Braques and
David Hockney.Louise Dean

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