George Simkin talks

Jess from the Chitter Chatter team reports on one of last week’s talk:

george alone

Starting off our penultimate week of talks was George Simkin. George is a freelance designer who works as part of Puck Collective in London. This wonderful Irishman found his calling after wanting to work ‘just because’ – so he packed his bags and left for London.

george work

The talk was a breath of fresh air and gave us a great insight into freelance design versus the usual studio culture. The main thing I think we all took from the talk was the importance of self initiated projects; even just messing around with pegs in your garage to create some funky type, experimenting with shape and restrictions – anything could get you noticed, and if you’re as lucky as George you could end up being published in 3D Typography along with Stefan Sagmeister, Mike Perry and Hikaru Furuhashi. It shows the importance of social media and the Internet when it comes to networking – it’s obviously worked for George!

After his talk he kindly took a few hours to give some advice to second and third years through both individual and group portfolio surgeries.

Thanks again George, it was great to have you here and we hope to see you again soon! Jess Brayford.

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