Well That’s That! (Year One is over)

First Year students are always surprised how quickly the Academic year flies by! This year (as ever) we drew the second term to a close with the Final Major Project (FMP) designed to let our students showcase all their learning from Year One.

The FMP is the major event in the 1st Yr. calendar, this year we challenged our students to produce posters, catalogues, wall graphics, and imaginary future products (demonstrated through ‘Kickstarter’ type videos or branding and models), on the theme of ‘Present Futures’. (An imaginary exhibition hosted at the Science Museum). Themed around Architecture, Society, Technology, and Environment, the premise was, ‘the future is now’. (Today we use and take for granted devices and technologies that were the stuff of science fiction even only a few years ago, from iPads to 3D printed food advances in technology have made the science fiction of even the recent past a reality today). We asked the students to look at how the future was imagined to be from the perspective of the early Twentieth Century and how we ourselves imagine the future might be. (Will we be any more accurate than previous generations in out predictions? I doubt it!)

Site visits to The Science Museum, galleries, buildings of architectural interest and city locations were made by the students, as well as referencing theoretical papers and writings.

Every student had the opportunity to take an individual theme and response to the brief.

Here’s how they did:

Mollie Wade & Paul Shillitto: Posters

Microsoft Word - Well That’s That FMP posting for Blog.docx

Tom Flint: Catalogue

Microsoft Word - Well That’s That FMP posting for Blog.docx

Jessica Bird: Wall Graphic


Amy Ward: Wall Graphic


Will Couzens: Imagined Future Object Film


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