Level three have been immerzed in the world of Kurt Schwitters and Merz! The students were given the task of exploring stories from Lucky Hans and other Merz fairy tales. They were asked to create an immersive response that fits in the Merzbox. The Merzbox contains drawing, prints, objects, assemblages and artworks based on the fairy stories of the revolutionary German artist Kurt Schwitters. With the module now already far behind, the third years are embarking on two competition briefs the ISTD awards and the RSA student design awards. We thought we would give you a small taste of some of the solutions produced during Visual Expression over the last six weeks.

First up we have Abdul Khan who created a response to The three wishes he explored the theme of greed by working with animation and projection mapping.


Next up we have Bethany Gray who explored The man with the glass nose Bethany produced a typographic animation using elements from the story which are projected onto a screen. Bethany placed a glass crystal between the projector and the screen to create complex refractive patterns. Needless to say, it is impossible to follow the story in the accepted way, the viewer is able to catch fleeting glimpses of key words and phrases. Bethany explored the theme of truth the idea that any given narrative has many layers of meaning which may distort our understanding.


Stuart Jacobs-Cook created a piece in response to The flying fish. Stuart’s outcome puts the user in control of the story. Using a delivered flat pack ‘Google cardboard’ VR headset the user accesses an app via the packaged QR code, the user navigates the flying fish using their head.

Stuart Jacobs cook

Last but not least Gemma Kindness produced an interactive poster in response to Fish and man Gemma wanted to play with the viewers expectations by creating a poster which on first glance appears to be playful and cheerful in character. Gemma designed an app to work in tandem with the physical piece, and at selected points reveals the darker side of the fairytale.



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