Making Movies

We like to set a challenge and this brief saw our students excited, motivated, and just a little bit scared (their words)!

Our First Year Graphic Designers were getting to grips with even more primary and secondary research, and also creative writing, character development, storyboarding and finally creating a 30-60 second animation.

Their task was to visit a local museum and choose a tool from the collection, (this could be interpreted with a wide view as to what constitutes a tool). They then had to record this  through drawing and photography and carry out further research on  the tool it’s context, value, the culture it originated from, who made it, who used it, how it came to be in the exhibition etc etc. Essentially to be curious about ‘their’ object.

We then asked them to write a creative imaginary narrative using the facts they had found as the basis for their story. This became the script for a short animation. Further research ensued (we were really ‘picky’ about historical details), and after much hard work their animations finally emerged.

Here are a few examples…

Haylam Tang: ‘The Compass’



Jakub Stalaski: The Ice Skates’



Joshua Jepson: ‘Ozzie The Owl’



Lee Flatman: The Brick Barrow’



Kurt Thompson: The Mechanical Grab’



Molly Spring: ‘The Herring Fishing Boat’




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