Level 1 and Level 2 students headed off to Berlin for five days to experience all the design and culture that Berlin has to offer. While we were there we had the amazing opportunity of visiting a number of design studios and museums. It was a fantastic trip. We would love to fill you in on our studio visits starting with Mischen. We were made to feel so at home by Vera and the team. They spent so much time speaking with us about their process and the ethos of the studio. It was so interesting to hear how they balance their first love (artist books) with more commercial work, and how they aim to always keep the company small, so they can stay working as designers, not managers. Their award-winning packaging work was a highlight of the trip but their branding was so simple, clever and elegant. It was the details in their work which made the pieces so inspiring such as business cards with a gradient edge, each one coloured by hand, or the branding they created for Frauenärztinnen am Südwestkorso, beautiful illustrations with a copper finish which then took shape as lamps in the interior. Really clever work. Thank you so much Mischen for welcoming us into your studio. Here are some photographs from the day. To see some more of their work check out http://www.mischen-berlin.de






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