Show Sixteen Website

The show sixteen website will be live on the 6th April. It has been a long process but this year’s digital team has been hard at work to get the official show sixteen website ready. It will be home to this year’s third year work, showcasing the best of all the students.


After three years of deadlines, experimental work and 24 hour stints in the studio, the students have become a family. Each with their own unique set of skills and talents, creating a wide range of completely diverse designers. From illustrators, to branding, to website, to concept, this family has a designer for every field.


On the road to show sixteen, digital and branding teams have worked together to come up this year’s identity. The website will not only act as a showground for our students work but will represent the look of this years end of year show. Giving you a sneak peek of the work to be seen.




Words by Micha McMahon

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