Attitude Design

On the 9th March Chitter Chatter welcomed Attitude Design, a Nottingham based brand agency.

Matt talked about how brands tell stories in order to promote their products, he used the example of a woman’s handbag, asking us why, out of two identical bags, one a £1000 Gucci handbag and the other a £10 Tesco handbag, that the Gucci handbag is more desirable. The answer: the brand’s story.

Matt spoke about the how personality archetypes, such as the explorer, can be applied to brands and how we can use this to create a meaningful persona and story for a brand. The 3rd years especially found this talk useful as the ways we can tell stories through our work translates into our last project block before Show Sixteen, the Final Major Projects.

Words by Melissa Casey

Image by Javier Civera



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