Year 1 Final Major Project: ‘It’s a beautiful World…isn’t it’?

The Final Major Project (FMP)

The FMP is the finale to our Academic Year for First Year Students. It’s in this brief that we bring together and re visit all the previous teaching and learning from our two studio modules, (Design Communication and Visual Expression). Students have the opportunity to ‘show off’ and show us what they have learnt over the past year through their work.

Entitled It’s a beautiful World…isn’t it’? This years FMP was based on a notional exhibition about Utopia based at the V&A. Students had to explore personal Utopias, (theirs and those of others), find and interpret the way we use urban environments from a utopian perspective. Research how theorists, politicians, and religious thinkers have all proposed ideas that could be interpreted as Utopian ideals. They looked at they way architects, designers, technologists and artists have all explored Utopian ideas in their work. The themes of the exhibition were Personal Utopias, Society, Technology, Architecture, Environment.

Much research ensued… including a course research trip to London. Then came visual development and speculation (drawing out ideas and thinking visually). More research then followed this, to further inform ideas…












…and finally outcomes emerged.

These were specified to be: 4 posters, a fully functioning 4 page website, a graphic exhibition wall panel, and a photo-book exploring how urban spaces and environments might be interpreted from a utopian perspective.

Here’s a small selection of what they did…




Photo B2

Photo B3 Blog Poster3


Blog Poster2


Blog Poster1


final fmp print out big bigger







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