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Each year ‘You Can Now’, better known as YCN, hosts their coveted Student Awards. Established in 2001, YCN is a curated, creative network, whose aim is to help creatively minded people and organisations to make relevant new connections, to learn and to do.

This year’s winners are testament to that endeavour, with students from the University of Lincoln being awarded  a significant number of the commmendations. Three of these were swept up by its Level Three Graphic Design Students, Bethany Gray (for the Fevertree Brief), Rob Frost, and Danny Sleeuwenhoek (each for the Toyota Mica Brief)



Bethany Gray – Fevertree

The Fevertree Brief was fundamentally to “create beautifully designed limited edition bottles to engage customers and raise money for Malaria No More UK”

In the 10 years since launch, Fever-Tree have pioneered a new premium mixer drink category both in the UK and internationally by creating a range of mixer drinks seemingly unrivalled in terms of quality and taste.

Gin and Tonic is in vogue, yet what a lot of people don’t know is that the discovery of quinine, tonic’s key ingredient, was one of the most significant discoveries in medical history. Quinine’s anti-malarial properties have saved millions of lives since the early 1600s and continue to do so. Fevertree’s intention is to help bring an end to malaria and to save millions more lives from this preventable and treatable disease. Malaria is a disease that still kills approximately 180,000 children under five each year in the Congo – the very area where the company sources their quinine.

Over the next 5 years, Fevertree have committed themselves to raising money for their charity of choice, Malaria No More UK. One of the ways the company intends to do this is to launch a series of limited edition 500ml bottle wraps each year, to coincide with World Malaria Day (25th April). To this end, the challenge put to Bethany was to create a series of designs for the annual limited edition bottle campaign that would be eye catching on a busy retail shelf, but which reflected at least one of the five regions affected by Malaria. Further to create a set of four different designs within the campaign inspired by four different countries within that region.


Rob Frost and Danny Sleeuwenhoek –  Toyota Mirai

For this brief the students were required to each “create a campaign to make people aware of the Toyota Mirai and to reinforce Toyota’s reputation for pioneers of new technology”.

Toyota has always been a pioneer of new technology and is well-known for its hybrid power-trains, which combine a petrol engine and electric motor to deliver low emissions and impressive fuel economy. Worldwide, Toyota has now sold over 8 million hybrid vehicles, and in the UK hybrid sales now account for 25% of all vehicles sold by Toyota.

Building on its reputation for innovation, Toyota has launched the Mirai. Mirai is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell saloon. Using hydrogen gas to generate electricity within a fuel cell stack, Mirai produces no tailpipe emissions other than water. Spacious, refined, comfortable and safe, it combines its advanced technology with superb practicality: a full-tank driving range of around 300 miles apparently bears comparison with a petrol-powered car and the refuelling process only takes about three minutes to complete. The challenge faced by Danny and Rob for this brief was to find a way of getting people to sit up and take notice of this remarkable vehicle and in doing so, help to make Toyota famous for its pioneering technology. The two students each came up with individual award winning solutions.



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