The Quote Shop

Year 1: The Quote Shop 10

Teaching in term one of Year One has undergone some subtle but significant changes this year. However, the emphasis remains on giving students the basic key thinking and doing skills they will need to as fledgling graphic designers. In Design Communication (DC), we have introduced more exercises designed to make students consider and create themed communications out of type.

Based on the course manifesto, one of these exercises is the ‘Quote Shop’. Students are given sheets of type with passages or sentences from the manifesto. The passages – printed in no particular order – were used to create their own manifestos, based on their attitude to graphic design or way of working. In addition to creating a meaningful and accurate message, students had to use some previous learning from a ‘circus type’ project to design and layout of their text as an A3 poster.

Year 1: The Quote Shop 1

Year 1: The Quote Shop 4

At the end of the exercise, selected students were asked to show and explain their work to the group – good practice for later projects where they will be required to do ‘pin-ups’ and justify their decision-making.


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