Year 1 Poster Books

Circus Type Posters: 1

Circus Type Posters: 6

Year 1 have been immersing themselves in type again.

The object of this exercise was to use circus acts as inspiration for a series of A3 posters made solely out of cut typographic elements – The Flying Trapeze, The Sword Swallower, Clowns, Performing Elephants etc. The production of each poster was limited to 10 or 15 minutes, forcing students to make quick decisions based on imagination, instinct and an eye for shape. Also, as more of the type sheets were being used, the remaining characters reduced in number, making the selection process more difficult. This in turn required them to be ever more more creative in their choices of characters (or parts of letterforms) to use.

Once the posters were done, students scanned their posters to produce digital files for importing into a supplied Indesign file. This was pre-paginated to allow a single A3 sheet to be folded into a multi-page book, complete with a designed title page. Particularly interesting here was that despite the various lettering styles used in each student’s book, a definite and distinctive style emerged.

Circus Type Posters: 9

Circus Type Posters: 7

Circus Type Posters: 2

Circus Type Posters: 10

This project enabled the students to combine quick-thinking, making, software and finishing skills in one project. It also demonstrated to the group how a good amount of work could be produced in a short period of time.


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