A great day out


This week our third year short-list for the Adapt or Die project travelled to Leeds to present their work to Elmwood.

Mollie meets Ted

rob and ted
Rob and the tea trolley!

The event had been arranged during the studio’s lunchtime to enable the designers (and anyone who else who was interested) the opportunity to view the student work; so after a tour of the studio, which included meeting Ted the dog, our group of seven prepared to do their stuff. They all rose to the occasion and coped well under pressure with professional presentations that received positive feedback from their audience.

Waiting for the audience to arrive

Kirsten volunteers to go first

Tom Flint: ‘It was great that they took time to consider each project and offer useful comments about our work, even if we don’t have the chance to take on board the feedback for this project we can apply it to future briefs’
Mollie Wade: ‘ It was a good opportunity present the work to experienced people who hadn’t been involved in the project, and receive relevant feedback’.
Robyn Shiner: ‘ It was a great day out!’

Now all we have to do is wait and see who will be lucky enough to win a placement… watch this space!

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