For this Design Communication Level 2 brief, students were allocated a brand/product that is hypothetically in the final stages of its product lifecycle, in other words, a product that appears to no longer be drawing sales, and so is in need of revitalisation (a bit of Cinderella magic) and strategic repositioning in a manner that would best suit the lifestyles of new target: Y Generation or those between the ages of 35-30.

To this end, each student was required to redesign the brand logo, to better fit with the targeted audience, and then to produce 3 product (raw material) containers, each denoting a different flavour or variant. It was also required that an outer container be developed that could hold all three inner containers.


curt 2


ryan 1


ryan 2


C.P Georgia Underwood


Georgia U Cinderella Packaging PDF -48


Joey McAleese-20


Joey McAleese-21



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