Year Two Ends…


As is ‘tradition’ another year closes with the Final Major Project (FMP). This is the ‘finale’ of Year Two, a chance for our students to bring together the skills and knowledge from the Year (and Year One) and to show off what they can do. We challenge them to work over Web / Film / and Print based design outputs covering Branding, Advertising Strategy, Typography, Film-making and Editing, Copywriting, and Magazine and Billboard Advertising.

This year’s FMP took the form of a notional Community TV Channel due for Autumn launch, broadcasting to specialist interest groups. The students each chose one of three areas: Outsider Arts, Experimental Avant Gardé Music, and Alternative Lifestyle/Living, as the basis for their channel.

FMP process book Tara Wilson_Page_11

FMP process book Tara Wilson_Page_12

visual identity_Page_04

Using the channels broadcasting remit their task was to create a brand, associated print and motion ident publicity material, website and app appropriate for the designated target audience. Extensive research into the possible programme content ensued as students began to develop their concepts for the station. This was followed by writing mission statements for their channel and from this flowed the brand identity. Having established the channel’s ethos and brand identity other areas then fell into place…

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