This is the Magazine

“There are two things you can do at art school; start a band or start a magazine. This is the magazine”… Dexter Ward – (alias our very own Barrie Tullett) – and so began a project that saw Level 3 students working in teams of four to produce a magazine based around the theme of Politics. Some teams took the theme more literally than others; with an expose of the Obama presidency from the Reviver team, to the politics of living with others from Root & Branch. The responses were not only wide ranging in terms of themes but also in structure, format and visual language. Below are some double page spread exemplars…

censoredliv mic

Censored Olivia Cummins and Micaela Mcteggart

in dann mag

in? Chris Dann


Jungle Pola Ficek

loop joey

Loop Joey Heinzman

Mario mag

Hashtag Mario Pignatiello

polar jake

Polar Jacob Sidebotham

Reviver 1 Reviver 2

Reviver Ryan Forrest

syn 1

Syn Kneta Lam, Sam Parmee, Beth Roberts

Trumpet curt trumpet

Trumpet Curt Thompson, Dominika Krakowska, Dan Yates



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