Cinderella Packaging Project

For this Design Communication brief , Level 2 students were required to investigate and to gain a deep understanding of the ideological, behavioural, cultural, visual and purchasing norms associated with the Y Generation – particularly those between the ages of 24 – 33 in the UK. Each student was allocated a brand/product seemingly in the final stages of its ‘targeted’ lifecycle. These included Brylcream; Rich Tea Biscuits; Scotts Porage; Lyles Golden Syrup; Old Spice Cologne; and Lifebuoy Soap. Students were asked to revisit the brand logo and to redesign the product’s (raw material) container (in three flavours/kinds/colour variants), together with its outer packaging container in a manner that might appeal to the specified target market. The outer container could serve as an extension of the strategic approach. In other words, it could be designed as a special seasonal item, a special edition item, or could simply further the positioning or approach through its design. In many instances students elected to ‘push the envelope’ by reconstituting the nature of the product to better fit with the fast-paced lifestyles of GenY’s. The result was some rather exciting and visually resolved solutions.


William Couzens 12440457 Portfolio-4

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