Tom Matthews

Designer |  Clients: E.ON, Signet, HSBC, first direct, Kellogg’s, Yorkshire Water & The University of Sheffield.

tom matthews


We asked Tom about his highs and lows, regrets, “gold nugget” life lessons, and if his experience at Lincoln Uni gave him that all important “foot-up” into the “big bad” Design Industry.

This is what he had to say…


Olver Matthews


I graduated from Lincoln in 2013. My favourite project in Third Year was the “Books Still” project, the toughest was definitely the 2nd Year Rebranding project (at the time anyway).

I think the quality of the course is high, since leaving I’ve met more and more people in the industry from Lincoln. Which I’m sure can only be a positive reflection of the work and support put into the course. A focus on typography was a big plus for me personally (Philippa & Barrie).

The one piece of advice that I’d give to young designers is to absolutely “live and breathe it”.

In my view being socially aware is not just an important consideration, it’s essential. Especially in this current transitional period where social consciousness is really reaching a new prominence.

To me  finding a balance between creative freedom and making money is like a 65/35 split in favour of creative freedom. Don’t quote me in five years though…

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